Cannonball Abstract Indoor/Outdoor Rug - Blue by SBC Decor

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Product Details

Brighten your indoor and outdoor living spaces... Because color is good for you! We are proud to support our USA manufacturers and designers with rugs suitable for commercial and residential use. Easy to clean, stain resistant, water resistant, hygienic, hypoallergenic.

Care Instructions:

Use a dust mop to ensure all loose dirt or grit is removed. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Avoid using dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives as these will wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl.

Please take reasonable caution and care with this product. Avoid dragging metal or furniture across the surface. You can apply felt pads to the legs of your furniture to avoid damaging the vinyl.

If you are installing over stained concrete or treated surfaces, make sure the surface is properly cured before installation. If your vinyl gets wet, be sure to periodically flip it over to dry and prevent mildew.

It is not recommended to use this vinyl for poolside areas, or for use on top of carpets. This vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. It is recommended that it is used under covered areas to increase life-span.


Rug Sizes

24" (2ft) x 36" (3ft )- Weight: 3lbs / 1.4kg

36" (3ft) x 60" (5ft) - Weight: 6lbs / 2.7kg

48" (4ft) x 72" (6ft) - Weight: 13lbs / 5.9kg

60" (5ft) x 84" (7ft) - Weight: 18lbs / 8.2kg

Colour(s): Blue

Material(s): 2-Ply Vinyl, Non Slip Latex