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BEER BOX Fire basket Bundle (set of 3) by Hoefats


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Product Details

The evolution of the beverage crate starts with the materials wood and metal and finds a preliminary end – for economic reasons – with plastics. But economic efficiency is relative – what if there is a life after the existence as a beverage container, if the crate is upcycled to a fire basket after its initial use. BEER BOX, a fire basket made of solid corten steel in its simplest form, however amazingly versatile. The large handles cry out for mobility – thus off you go to the lake. The interior of the cardboard box serves as a firelighter at the same time. Thanks to accessories, the crate turns into a grill or stool and its stackability enables a raising of the fire basket respectively grill and also makes sense in terms of storage and transport. The fact that the crate moreover is an ideal advertising medium is in the nature of things and the integrated bottle opener is a pure pleasure! Cheers, we wish wonderful evenings with a beer and a fire and your friends around.

By means of the board and with one step only, the BEER BOX fire basket can be turned into a comfortable seating, a side table or a flower stand. Due to the Stainless Steel cooking grate, grilling is also possible on the BEER BOX. Thanks to handles it can be easily placed on or removed again.


Beer Box: (L) 38 (W) 28 (H) 28 cm - 7kg

Grid: (L) 39 (W) 27 (H) 4 cm - 0.9 kg

Board: (L) 39 (W) 28 (H) 4 cm - 1.5 kg

Materials: Corten steel, bamboo wood and polished stainless steel

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