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Barisieur - Coffee Machine / Alarm Clock - Black by Joy Resolve


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Product Details

Wake up and smell the coffee. Set your alarm and wake up to fresh coffee in bed every morning.

- Brews both coffee & tea

- Keeps milk cool & fresh 24/7 with built-in fridge

- Includes a reusable stainless steel filter (allows oils to pass through)

- Store a weeks-worth of ground coffee or tea in included drawer

What's Inside:

- Our Smart induction coil, Peltier cooler and array of sensors are what the Barisieur uses to make you the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

- The Milk Cooler: Keep milk cold using a smart refrigerator that uses an infrared sensor to detect if milk is present. Regulating it at 3-5 °C to maintain freshness.

- Stay-Fresh Coffee Drawer: Embedded in the body of the Barisieur, the coffee draw conveniently stores over a weeks worth of ground coffee/tea in a sealed container with included stainless steel scoop.

- Our Filter Tech: Features a double-layered mesh filter that lets more of the flavourful coffee oils through, but still catches the fine sediments that a french press would miss. Designed to create the best coffee possible for those seeking an alternative to paper filters. Giving you a full-bodied flavour without the grittiness, with no sediment at the bottom of your cup.

Measurements: (W)28cm, (H)17cm, (D)28cm - Weight: 4kg

Colour(s): Black

Material(s): Walnut Wood, Black Plastic, Glassware, Stainless steel

Electrical features:

- Compatibility: GB / EU

- Power rating: 240