Rustic bedroom design idea

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
December 12, 2022

Bring the elements of nature and antiques to your bedroom with this rustic oasis, fit for any home.  With soft tones and dark hues, let your bedroom exude relaxation and comfort while providing you a sturdy place to sleep. An aged wooden headboard gives a touch of rustic while giving your a place to rest after a long day.

Botanical Illustration Lavendula Angustifolia Line Art Print by Mantika Studio

Add in an end table with aged details to give you a sense of comfort without being afraid to really live in the room. A wall of detail made with dark shiplap gives the eye a focal point while bringing some of the outside into the bedroom.  Continue the touches of nature with dried floral arrangements in an out-of-the-box vase such as a watering can or glass pitcher.

Wild Pampa Grass Reeds Art Print by Mambo

Use line art to add a soft touch to the walls while giving a sense of artistic appreciation.  Frame the bed with a large piece of print artwork with a saying that means something to you. Continue the inspiration with relaxing tones offered by the neutral-toned bedding made of soft cottons and linens. Use an antique wooden ladder as an alternative to hang clothes or blankets when not in use. Allow this room to bring you comfort and the ability to move with ease, knowing each corner of this rustic oasis will bring you joy.

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