Our top ten pieces of AI art from Fy! Studio this week

Written by
Rosanna @ Fy!
Published on
March 16, 2023

Since Fy! Studio has launched it has been used to create almost 1,000,000 bits of unique AI artwork. As well as creating amazing images Fy! shoppers have been using the Fy! Studio to create amazing unique gifts for their loved ones. In this weeks round up of amazing artwork created on the Fy! Studio we've added examples of some of the amazing personalised gifts which have been created.

The perfect personlised Mother's Day gift by @natbeestravels

Watercolour of a man fishing by Callum, Boston

Try the idea here

Wizard cat by Carol in Melbourne, AU

White terrier with a basketball Audrey, San Diego

White terrier with a basket ball - Try the same idea here

Friends cycling through the UK countryside by Rob, Manchester

Group bike ride through the Suffolk countryside - Try the same idea here

To create your own AI art visit the Fy! Studio and tag your creations with #fystudio. If you need some tips of what to try then read this helpful blog