Meet The Artist: Dan Hobday

Written by
Flo @ Fy!
Published on
March 27, 2023

Dan Hobday is a British contemporary artist working across inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media.

What inspired you to become an artist and can you tell us more about your practice? 

I've always loved art and I have painted and drawn from an early age, I like acrylics and any dry mediums. Sometimes oil paints and collage. I was a graphic designer for 20 years so digital art is something I've also used for many years. My style is kind of loose. I like to work quickly and experiment. My techniques are always evolving.

What themes or ideas do you explore in your artwork, and why are they important to you?

Nature is a great inspiration for me. Also the great landscape and abstract masters from the 19th century. My creative process usually starts with something I see when I'm out, online or in a book. Then I just go full speed and don't think too much about the end results. I never plan my work or do lots of ideas and sketches, I just go at it until I'm happy. Then I stop abruptly and do something non art related.

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How do you stay motivated and inspired when you hit a creative block or rough patch?

I exercise. I find that if I have a block it's time to stop, get outside and forget about what's bugging you.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are just starting out on their artistic journeys?

Galleries are not always a thing to aspire too. The internet is a tool that you must utilise fully as an artist. Do your own thing but use other artists as inspiration. Do not focus on the money or you will kill your creativity.

What are your goals for your art in the future, and where do you see your career going in the next few years?

My goal for the future is to sell at least one artwork to one person in every country in the world. I'm three quarters of the way there now so it's looking good. The next few years I'm going to be focusing on selling more original artworks.

What's your favourite piece that you sell on Fy! and why?

An artwork called Feel Good I love the simplicity of it.

How do you see your art contributing to the wider cultural conversation, and what message or themes do you hope to convey through your work?

I'd like to think my art conveys a message of peace and tranquillity.