How to sell your art in seconds on Fy!

Written by
Fiona Cambridge
Published on
May 15, 2023

Here at Fy! we are on a mission to make the world of design discoverable, affordable and instantly accessible. Since 2017 Fy! has partnered with over 2,500 artists and brands and galleries to make money from their work without any hassle.

Fy! artist @_maggiestephenson_

Fy! Art is printed to order which means no excess stock sitting in warehouses waiting to be sold. Printed with Giclée printers using vegan inks and organic cotton paper, we ensure the highest quality to ensure our artist’s designs shine. Delivered framed and ready to hang in just a few days, Fy! makes it easy for customers to transform their homes with amazing art from our community of artists.

To build our artist community further we have just launched an exciting new feature; a self service tool that allows artists to create and curate their very own shop on Fy! so they can sell their art in a matter of minutes. 

Fy! Artist benefits: 

  • No listing fee
  • Unlimited artwork listings
  • Earn 10% of every print sale
  • Access Fy’s global audience of millions of art lovers
  • All logistics covered, Fy! has print labs in the US, UK, Germany & Australia which covers all logistics from printing, framing to shipping
  • Monthly commission payments by secure bank transfer

Join over 2500 artists and brands and sign up to our platform today. The process is super simple, all you need to do is: 

  • Create an account to become a Fy! Artist. Add a profile photo, name & short bio to introduce yourself and your work to our global audience
  • Upload your art and your artwork titles to create your Fy! shop and publish your artwork instantly 
  • We then do the rest;  Fy! facilitates printing, framing, postage, returns and will pay your art commissions on a monthly basis. 

Start your journey to become a Fy! artist here. We can't wait for you join our growing community.


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