How to create your own gallery wall shelf

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November 14, 2022

Follow @extra.ordinary.home's step by step guide to create your own Gallery Wall Shelf

Step 1: Choose your colour platte 

Deciding if you want all the prints to have the same hero colours or something more eclectic if the first step for creating any gallery wall. In this gallery wall the all the prints use the same colours but uses a mix of styles. A well designed gallery will dominate any room so think about the colours already in the room such as wall colour and large pieces of furniture - matching some of the tones will allow the gallery wall to be a natural addition to the space.

Step 2: Select a style or artist you like

Once you have picked your colours it's time to pick the actual art. If you're looking for consistency across the wall picking different prints art from one or two artists will instantly give you consistency but still create a varied and interesting gallery wall. If you're not sure where to start you can see a range of art styles here.

Step 3: Choose a hero print

Picking a hero image is key as it gives a natural centre to the gallery wall and gives you a starting place for the rest of the wall. It's tempting to make the biggest print the hero but that will naturally give you a symmetrical  gallery wall - if that's not what you're looking for then try using smaller print as the hero.

Step 4: Use varying heights and sizes

When creating a gallery wall on a shelf the different heights are going to add as much interest as the prints themselves so make sure you order a range of shapes and sizes. This also means you'll have the option to move things around to try different layouts to keep things fresh.

Step 5: Move things around 

The beauty of creating a gallery wall on a shelf is that you can really easily try new layouts without having to mark the walls. Try a layout and then leave it for 24 hours to see how it looks under different light conditions as it will change the appearance hugely.

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