Creating the perfect AI art prompt

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
December 1, 2022

As the world of Generative Art explodes increasing numbers of people are having to learn the craft of “prompt engineering” to allow them to bring their ideas to life.  In this article we’re going to explain the importance of writing good prompts and a few tips for writing your own.

Like with all creative projects the key is getting the initial idea right, in the case of AI art the prompt acts as this brief. It is the text input which will be used to create your piece of art. Unlike any technology which has become before it the real magic of Generative Art is that there is no “right” or “wrong”. There is no manual. The systems are always learning and improving which means the idea of the “perfect” prompt doesn’t exist. However, here are a few tips for getting the most out of the platforms like the Fy! Studio and to bring your ideas to life.

It all starts with a noun

The noun is the “thing” or “things” in the image you’re trying to create - so your favourite animal, fruit or place for instance. You can still use a prompt which doesn’t contain a noun but the art you make will be more abstract. Fy! Tip: An emoji counts as a noun in the world of generative art!

Retro Daft Punk by Fusion Designs (AI Artist)

Add some character with an adjective

To make a piece of artwork which is truly personalised adding words like colourful, beautiful or cheerful will add a whole new dimension to your artwork. The AI systems understand what these words mean so will create you wall art which reflects these emotions and feelings. You can also experiment with more detailed adjectives such as 3D or illustrated.

Take inspiration from your favourite artists

Generative Art platforms know and understand the styles of the world great artists so adding a name into a prompt is a great way to get a style you like. The more well known the artist the more accurate the results will be.

Harry Potter Castle In The Style of Starry Night by Fusion Designs (AI Artist)

Everyone has their own style

Once you have the base of your prompt then try adding a range of different styles such as modern, pixel art or watercolour as they will all give very different results.

As you'll have seen the world of prompt engineering is one with very few rules and it’s very much about experimentation and finding what works for you. The best way to develop your own style of prompts is use the same noun and experiment with a range of adjectives, styles and artists. To create your own art then visit in the Fy! Studio

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