A classy and quirky bathroom idea

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
November 14, 2022

Sometimes you need to give a special spin to the classics, and this collection does just that. This dreamy turquoise bathroom is an elegant yet unexpected colour palette choice that instantly transforms a usually neglected part of the household into a winning feature of your home.

Turquoise is the crème de la crème of colours thanks to the uber relaxing vibe it creates, which is perfect for the bathroom where we like to lounge in a tub or have long relaxing showers after a long day to calm and relax. Just sit back and think of the ocean!

Bear In A Bath Framed Art Print by DomoINK - Shop here

This space is especially inviting thanks to the assortment of incredible trinkets placed within the area. We’re loving the meta wall art print of a big brown bear having a bubble bath, to really encourage you to get your chill on. Offset the room with a wooden chair as seen above, where you can drap cushions and throws over, as well as a big house plant that’s potted in a stunning darker blue holder.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a dream zen space if it wasn’t for your wooden bath holder, where you can line candles, a wine glass and other bathing bits and bobs.

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